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You can start your business and become boss with the small amount of money. High (ROI) on investment through Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Display your product on specific target audience by time & days basis using Digital Marketing Training in Delhi. Target business specific & interesting audience. Access full control on your budget spend on advertisement as per your audience.
Improve your Digital Skills in CV and get a Highly Paid job. Earn More Money in digital World with help of Digital Marketing skills. Work as a freelance and affilate marketer from home and earn more money. Show your self on first page of Google. More than Lakhs Jobs in Google, accenture, accreative, HCL and many more in 2019-2020.
Grow Your Online Digital Marketing Skills with COIM. Increase Money and Sales Online and complete your target with in time. Maintain your on website and earn money by Adsense. Grow more visibility of yours via social media platform like Facebook and YouTube. Generate More Leads by Email Marketing using Digital Marketing Classes in Delhi.


Introduction to Digital Marketing

We had many years of experience in the offering Digital Marketing ideas and service which assure to meet the special result.

Website Planning
& Creation

By learning the word press CMS to create an effective website online with the essential features and support as per the client wish.

Web Content

Learn how to deliver the plagiarism free content become simple to understand and derive high traffic to the website short time.

Search Engine

We show off all your Online internet presence and improve the ranking with the support of the major search engine such as Google, bing etc.

Social Media

We follow the fresh and effective media marketing ideas to improve the sale by making the better relationship with your customer.

YouTube Video

Video marketing becomes an important way to market the product and also defiantly meet high traffic in very short time.

Google My

Google my business is most powerful toll for generate leads wia google search engine it will give fast result in short time.

Google Webmaster

Webmaster tools provide major details regarding your webpage and we support to fix and get out from the constant day with no problem.

Google analytics

Google analytics is the best tool for your website. It will mainly analyze your website’s visitor location, behaviour and much more.

Adwords & PPC

This process will mainly improve your website rank and enhance the search result on top via using effective pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

WhatsApp Marketing

Almost every smart phone user use WhatsApp so we can teach you how you can use this app for your marketing promotion.

Lead generation

With the usage of effective landing pages, one can learn the tricks to create prospective leads in an extraordinary manner.

Data Scraping

Almost every business needs client data for its products promotion we can give you all information about data scarping tools.

Retargeting Management

In order to retarget the potential clients and customers once again, maintain the approach and techniques via retargeting marketing.

Email Marketing

It is one of the unique processes of enhancing the business growth via sending efficient promotional emails to the targeted customers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most suitable marketing methods in this world One can able to easily sell the product via this method.

E-commerce Marketing

Selling or marketing your products through popular online shopping sites are known as e-commerce marketing promote your product.

E-commerce Re-Sellers

Learn how you can sell products on Amazon, Flipkart, PayTm and other website with help of ecommerce reseller marketing.


Our digital marketing courses enable one to get a clear idea about blogging and adsense how to develop business globally.

Brand Reputation

When you wish to expand your brands, your brands automatically grow at a higher level then our digital marketing course allows you.

Marketing Strategies

The strategies delivers a right marketing object that deserves an amazing platform for growing your business without any hassles.

Work Reporting

We can give you complete knowledge of how you can create and generate reports for your clients to give them work report.

Adsense and Affiliate

If you suppose to explore your brands, Adsense and affiliate marketing is helpful and hence you will have better growth in marketing.


The Freelancing projects are vital for the content writers, SEO professionals, PPC Exeprts, and Social Marketing Specilist.

Interview preparation

The professionals allow everyone to train well and prepare interview questions in basic industries. It helps HR and professionals for interview.

Syllabus For Digital Marketing Course In Delhi

You can check here brief information about our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

In this world of the Internet era, one can find an open gate for various opportunities in businesses. Digital marketing is used as the targeting and measurable marketing for products and services that use digital technologies to reach their customers. Digital marketing is not just about advertising, it is about finding the right customers at the right time. At Digital Marketing Training in Delhi, we will help you to gain an in-depth understanding and advanced knowledge of the specific digital marketing domains along with real-time projects. This Digital Marketing course in Delhi will expose your digital marketing tools and project experience to make you sharpen in this challenge facing the world.

Our main aim at the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi is to develop an in-depth understanding of high standard digital marketing functions such as paid marketing, social media marketing and web analytics. We are here to make to stand on your competitor line in planning, managing and executing campaigns. Our Digital Marketing training in Delhi is set up with the primary objective to shape out the digital marketing specialists to increase brand awareness, promote products, acquire new customers, build traffic, generate leads and create high product visibility.

The demand for Digital Marketing today has risen to be a mandatory career option with a bang of 1.5 lakh job opening every day.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi offers the training program for any business professional or students.

This course will help you up-skill your competencies and understand the internal values of digital marketing campaigns.

Today’s business world is expecting digital marketers to wear multiple crowns and execute campaigns across various marketing channels to stay beyond the competition.

Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi helps you learn the latest industry-relevant techniques to help you build digital marketing expertise and build a strong knowledge of digital marketing along with hand- on real-time experience.

Our digital marketing training in Delhi will prepare you to become a complete digital marketer. The Digital Marketing Certified course is designed to help you master the essentials in Digital Marketing starting from basic to advanced level.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi includes all the disciplines like Search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords, Web analytics, content marketing, Email Marketing and more.

Here you will also gain the capability of mastering the digital marketing execution tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising and YouTube Marketing

We have selected some of the best well-qualified professors who can touch the student need. Our digital marketing training in Delhi let students participate in class discussions and mock tests.

Once after you complete the course, you will receive a Masters certificate from coim. We state that you have acquired the skill set of a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Make yourself more marketable by learning essential digital marketing skills and put your career in high standards with a professional certificate from the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. The professional certificate in Digital Marketing helps you develop digital marketing skills to grow in the marketing industry.

Website creation plays an important role in having an online presence and doing online branding. A website is a set of web pages. Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi offers the website planning and creation starting from understanding the basics of the internet and further advancing to website planning and building. This being the first module in our Digital Marketing course in Delhi , it highlights on building the basics of digital marketing. This module will help you gain ability in building strong fundamentals that will help you in advanced practical sessions.

Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers you website creation and planning. We do have types of websites known, Static and Dynamic. In the case of Static, the web pages are stored on the server in the format. A website owner can manually edit the updates periodically. Whereas in Dynamic, website changes itself regularly. Everyone stuck up with a thought why you need Website planning and creation? The Digital Marketing course in Delhi, states that it’s a great effort to constantly maintain SEO to improve your online performance and success.

Website creation and planning includes:

Website Conceptualization and understanding websites, domain names.

Web servers and web hosting

Creation of titles along with your keywords.

Identifying keywords which enables to rank in search engine.

Finding Primary and secondary key phrases on your website.

Initialising web performance

Different type of website such as web, mobile, responsive, static and dynamic.

With our Digital Marketing training in Delhi, you will be able to plan out your website including the number of pages, primary & secondary keywords and a complete framework on how websites are built. Our primary goal is to make you design your website blueprints just like experts do it.

A Web Content Management system is a set of tools that provides a way to manage digital information on a website through creating and maintaining content without the basics of web programming. Our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi offers web content management course which is an application for creating, storing, managing and publishing web page content which may be either text, audio, video etc.

A WCM (Web content management) is used to create, update and maintain a website which can result in effective useful business applications in the enterprise, producing insights and delivering results. The main aim of our Digital Marketing course in Delhi is to help you in maintaining, controlling and changing the content on a web page.

The Key features of Web Content Management

A web content management system controls all the HTML documents and images. Its key features include:

A web content management system controls all the HTML documents and images. Its key features include

The ability to design, create, maintain and organize websites to provide efficient up-to-date content.

Skills to prepare the content for publication.

Automated, standard templates- Create templates that users can apply to new and existing content.

Access Control on the page, which protects the page from spam logins.

Easily editable tools for content, this allows non-technical users to create and edit content.

Scalable expansion for growth – available in modern Web content management systems to expand a single implementation across multiple domains.

Web standard upgrades and regular software updates.

Document management from the initial creation time.

Content virtualization and syndication.

The Search engine optimization specialization course at our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will teach you how to master the SEO and organically drive the traffic to your websites with keyword research and management including on-page and off-page optimization, link building, SEO analytics, URL building and more. The Digital Marketing Course in Delhi , trains you to understand how exactly Search engine works using specific keywords on the website which leads to gain top position in the organic search results.

Search Engine optimization course at Digital Marketing Training in Delhi will help you learn:

Complete competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management on a web page.

Link building campaign which is the creation of goals and strategies.

Page rank tools – an algorithm used by Google search to rank websites in their search engine results.

Google Search console, which allows webmasters to check index status and optimize visibility of their websites.

Keyword research and meta tags used to showcase your web pages to search engines.

SEO is the most demand-oriented digital channel for many organizations for years as more internet traffic is generated by organic search. The SEO specialist optimizes a website and manages content on various platforms to make their product or brand accessible to the digital audience.

The Digital Marketing Institute at Delhi includes a hands-on project for every specialization. Multiple classes and interactions are offered to make you clear your doubts. Our Digital Marketing Course at Delhi offers a theoretical and practical way of teaching with real-time projects and case studies including daily assignments. Our primary goal is to make you learn how to apply the latest tools, techniques and concept while internship. For every course and real-time experience, you will earn a certificate to share your professional network.

Check below main elements of SEO which you learn with COIM:

What is Seo?

What is Search Engine?

How a search engine works?

Objective of Seo

Types of SEO

What is On page SEO?

Domain optimization

Domain Authority

Meta tags Optimization

Content Optimization

Image Optimization

Latent Semantic Indexing or LNT Words



Website Loading

Schema to make your website look different in various searches

Proper Use of Internal and External Links

Types of Linking

Creation of an Anchor Tag?

How Inbound Linking is Different From Outbound Linking

Ways of Linking

Techniques of Seo

Process of Backlinks

Blog Commenting

Directory Submission

Article Submission

Forum Posting

Guest Posting

PDF Submission

Image Submission

Classified Submission

Video Submission

Social Bookmarking

Reference Submission

Press Release Submission

Effective ways of Backlinks

Types of Link Juices


Moz tool

Tips to get top authority content  backlinks

Social Media Marketing being so important to modern market professionals today, our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi contains knowledge and insights that play a vital role in Social media marketing. It is a part of internet marketing where social networking sites follow marketing techniques to reach social media people with their content, images, videos etc that talk about their products and services.

At Digital Marketing Training in Delhi ,you will learn how to use social media platforms to manage marketing campaigns and increase sale at the right time. Social media is the most engaging and better way to attract users.

Social Media Marketing Includes

Social media is used to create brand awareness and generate leads from social networks.

Digital Marketing Training at Delhi , teach you the theoretical and practical method of social media optimization to improve the brand value.

You will undergo an in-depth analysis of Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest, YouTube Marketing, and Linked Marketing techniques.

Starting from the Facebook Marketing with Facebook account set up and create a page to share and update content.

You will learn how to identify your audience based on their age, gender, location, interests and behaviour.

Competitor analysis and how to increase your Facebook audience.

Type of posts and statistics and user management metrics.

Advertising to raise awareness and stay connected with your customers.

Finally, measuring the performance of your ad is an important part of online marketing. Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi will make you understand how many have seen your ad, how many of them responded and how many have made the conversion.

Small scale and large-scale businesses have discovered the potential of social media platforms as a great tool for marketing. It gives you many facilities like allowing you to create brand awareness and reach out to more customers. The Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi provides an in-depth course on how and when to use social media with the tools and techniques to reach out people effectively along with hands-on projects to measure and analyse your campaigns.

What is Social Media?

Social Media Uses

Grow on Instagram Within a Month

Social Media Platforms

Benefits of social media

How to target right audience?

Social media tools

How to add large number of friends in single click

Using Pinterest to get good backlinks?

According to the research, YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine and the world’s third most visited website. Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi mainly focuses on keyword research and SEO optimization which are the primary needs for YouTube Marketing Strategy. The experts at Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will help you how to create a successful YouTube Channel, create engaging videos, optimize your videos for higher visibility, get more video views and channel subscribers and monetize your channel.

What you will learn

Creating a channel on YouTube

Updating the profile on channel

Choosing video topics and creating videos

What are the type of videos and different platforms of video creation

Type of tools required to create videos

Branding your YouTube channel

Doing SEO of your YouTube videos

Building a YouTube Marketing strategy

Understanding YouTube Analytics

Running a YouTube Advertising Campaign

The Digital Marketing Course in Delhi offers you the real-time practice which can further help you in creating your personal YouTube channel. This course will let you optimize your videos, including keywords, file names, titles, descriptions to help you be found more easily in search. Once after you finish the course, the Digital Marketing Training in Delhi provides you with a certificate.

Your YouTube channel is an extension of your brand. To establish your YouTube channel identity and attract the subscribers properly follow the YouTube brand Guideline such as Channel name, channel icon, channel art, channel description, channel trailer, channel URL, and channel links. The Digital Marketing Course in Delhi , helps every individual in excelling the YouTube video marketing because in today’s internet world most of the people often overlook YouTube as it is one of the most cheapest and easiest way to get traffic.

Are you planning to start a website? Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi , teaches you how to monitor and maintain a website for communicating with Google. Google webmaster tools is a free service provided by Google that helps to examine your site and improve its performance. It is specially offered for webmasters to get useful insights for SEO purposes. Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers the Google webmaster tool course for entrepreneurs, Marketers, developers, bloggers and individuals.

Let us have a look at key benefits of Google webmaster tools

Pages of your website indexed by Google.

Identifying the links coming to your site

Going through the main keywords triggered that drive traffic to your website

Pages that are gaining maximum click-through-rate from the search results of Google.

Warnings and notifications about malware attack and spiteful links

Identifying other websites that are trying to link to your website.

Identifying broken links on your website

Knowing how Google spiders read your website and help you identify bot crawling issues.

Helps you to submit a sitemap to Google and find the errors caused by your pages.

Allows the geographical target to your site.

Finding top landing pages and analysing mobile site performance.

The primary goal of our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi is to help you understand Google webmaster guidelines, Setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account, Adding your website, navigating webmaster tools, using the features, measuring insights and optimizing the website.

We, the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi , is one of the most promising and trustworthy digital marketing institutes with the team of experts and qualifies trainers for providing the course. After finishing this course you will be able to monitor your website successfully through Google webmaster tools.

Use of Google Webmaster

What is Search Appearance on Google Webmaster tool?

Data Highlighter

Using Rich snippets or Rich SchemaHow to earn from your Youtube Channel?

What are HTML Improvements?

Accelerated Mobile Pages for Responsive Website on Mobiles

What is Search Analytics?

How to use Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is the difference in Crawl Stats or Crawl Error?

Techniques to Index your website pages in Google Results

How to Check Robots.txt?

How to remove or destroy Bad backlinks from your website?

Google Analytics is one of the best tools available to find quality data that can improve your website performance. Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi helps you to monitor your traffic closely and measuring the performance of your site. Our course help you learn the technique of making data-driven decisions, studying various metrics, monitoring web traffic, code installation and creating detailed reports.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi offers the course for system and web analysts, Marketing professionals, SEO and SEM personnel, and every individual who wants an aspiring career in Analytics. According to the top leading companies, Google analytics is an integral part of making decisions and this is what set the demand for course.

You will learn how to analyse basic audience, acquisition, behaviour reports, goals and campaign tracking including

How Google analytics works in helping you make decisions

Setting up an account and monitoring your website traffic

Navigating Google analytics, collecting insights and understanding the reports.

You will learn various key measurement concepts

Creating an effective digital marketing plan

Have an overview of clicks, user behaviour, locations and landing page effectiveness

Measuring custom campaigns and tracking them with a URL builder

Measuring Google Ads campaigns

In this Digital Marketing era, no campaign is successful without the right deployment of analytics. Taking Google analytics tools from our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will help you understand how to improve the visibility and reach of websites. Implementing various digital marketing strategies by visualizing the data from Analytics reports improving the success rate.

Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers real-time projects and assignments as a part of the training. At the end of the course, you will be certified with a professional certificate from our institute.

Use of Google Analytics

Full process to attach Google Analytics to your website

Checking the visitors in real time by google analytics?

Difference between Session vs Page viewp>

Tips to analyze the behavior of your visitors

How to check user browser of a visitor from which he is searching?

How to check user coming from Organic search, Social search or direct?

AdWords and PPC Marketing is also known as pay-per-click marketing or paid search marketing is brought to you from the PPC experts by our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. This course includes in teaching you the basics of paid search and as well as more advanced PPC strategies. PPC is an efficient way of driving traffic to the website. In this process, the advertisers pay the publishers only when the visitor clicks an advertisement.

Paid campaigns have a high Return on Investment and can bring the converting traffic to your site, this is what set a huge demand to this course. Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers you the various tools like Google AdWords, Google Trends etc in order to master the course. We provide updated courses with industry experts.

With the AdWords and PPC Marketing course from the Digital Marketing Training in Delhi, every individual will be able to

Get knowledge of various aspects of Pay per click advertising

Learning the techniques of paid search, ranking algorithm and post-click activity

Identifying the impact of each search engine on a paid campaign.

Updating the pay-per-click trends

Define, measure and compare keywords to get insights

Identifying different campaign settings and pricing models.

Developing paid advertisement content and landing pages

Understanding the result driven PPC campaign according to your competition.

•Research and tracking ROI.

Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi offers PPC training for those who want to specialize in paid campaigns including business owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing professionals, Freelancers, and Graduates. Once you complete the course, you will be certified in this AdWords and PPC Marketing course from the Digital Marketing Training in Delhi.

The lead generation Strategy course at Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will teach you about the tools and techniques for identifying leads and prospects. You will be able to research and prepare your sales goals and an approach to potential new customers. Lead generation at our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi is a step by step process starting from Prospecting, Approach, Presentation, Objections, Closing and Follow up.

The course will teach you the smart making of you goals because making objectives and goals in a smart way can make or break a sale. Lead generation strategies in Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi are segmented into outbound and Inbound lead generation which includes Display ads, Pay-per-click Ads, Content Syndication, Direct mail advertisements, Event Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media marketing, Search engine optimization, and Email Marketing. Taking the course at our Institute will help you be able to

Free content to Generate leads

Digital Marketing to Generate leads

Communication with leads

How to close leads effectively

Lead generation foundations and strategies

Identifying key goals and metrics

Monitoring user experience after the sale and measuring your program’s performance.

Measuring and testing the effectiveness of your lead generation

Main Key Points of Online Leads Generation Techniques

What is Lead Generation?

Tricks to generate Leads from Google Optimization?

Generation of Leads for business with Facebook?p>

Generation of Leads for business with Twitter?

Generation of Leads for business with Google Adwords?

Understanding the Sales Funnel

What is Sales Metrics?

The primary goal of our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi is to help students, graduates, job seekers, professionals, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers, founders and every individual who have zeal to learn. This lead generation strategy will help your marketing in a number of unique ways.s

Retargeting Management is a form of online advertising and targeting that is served to people who have already visited your site. Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, teaches you retargeting which is so effective because it allows your advertising to focus on people who showed particular interest on your brand. This is one of the main processes in making your brand or product more trustworthy which is the reason most of the marketers see much Return on Investment in Retargeting than any other marketing channels.

The Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will help you learn the successful Retargeting Campaign along:

Show your ads to your potential clients

Customize ads optimized to visitors based on past website surfing patterns

Segment your audience according to engagement

Optimize and monitor your remarketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers you the step by step process of Retargeting Management

Choosing a Marketing channel


Google AdWords Remarketing

Facebook Retargeting

Email and Phone

Build your audience (people who engage with your website)

Optimize your remarketing campaign

The use of retargeting is evolving day by day because of its smart way to convert an already visited shopper. It brings window shopper back and increase your sales online. Retargeting increases your brand awareness by displaying your ads constantly to the interested web visitors. High Click through rates and increased conversions is what set demand to Retargeting management.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi makes the participants learn all the email marketing strategies including creating advertisements effectively to promote your brand or product. Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of gaining customers trust.

Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers you Email Marketing course with advanced marketing strategies using emails to promote a product or service, to request your business, solicit donations, build loyalty, trust and create brand awareness. We help you to learn:

Drive more traffic and gain more visibility & brand awareness of your product.

Optimize email list to grow your revenue from email.

In-depth understanding of effective digital marketing.

How to improve your email content

An effective way of building an email list and email campaigns

Generating more email subscribers

Optimize emails for mobile and desktop marketing

Sourcing emails through search engines and social media platforms.

Marketing a business using the latest strategies through an email marketing platform

At the Digital Marketing Training in Delhi, you will gain expertise and knowledge to attract buyers under our industry experts.

The primary goal of our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi offers to business owners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Marketing Professionals, Students, Freelancers, and Graduates. The course provides the latest and best updates quality content with industry standards.

We, Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will help you use the latest tools to write and design strategic emails along with hands-on experience you will learn how to optimize email for mobile devices. Once after completing the course, you will be certified by our institute along with the abilities to understand why an email is a great tool for marketing, Create engaging content, Develop email marketing strategies effectively, Attract and retain customers, Promote business and improve sales, Optimizing emails across various platforms and create dynamic email content.

Want to become an expert in using mobiles and smartphones as the source of your Marketing Strategy? Mobile marketing these days is an important marketing strategy that resembles the future of marketing. We, at the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, teach you the mobile marketing course which is nothing but marketing on mobile, providing customers with time, location, any information that promotes services or products. With the thorough knowledge of our Digital Marketing course in Delhi on Mobile marketing strategies you can excel your career in this field.

We offer the course to all the students, graduates, Marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs, Mobile Marketers, Digital Marketing professionals, Marketing managers, Freelancers and every individual who wants to boost their career in Mobile Marketing. The advanced mobile marketing course at our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi will help you gain expertise on using the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication.

The objectives of Mobile marketing course include

Understanding the use of mobile devices to promote products and services.

Integrating mobile marketing strategy with your social media strategy.

In-depth knowledge of creating mobile responsive design to drive the user experience.

Targeting your customers and providing location relevant information to them.

Understanding mobile advertising & search and combining mobile marketing with other channels.

Identifying and gaining knowledge of Mobile Marketing Management and Analytics.

Mobile marketing is a step by step process which covers all the topics including Mobile optimization, Marketing, Developing App, Engagement and Mobile analytics. This digital marketing world has created various opportunities for Mobile Marketers like Mobile Marketing Manager, Mobile campaign manager, user acquisition manager, Mobile App marketer, Mobile markeing executive. Once after completion of the course you will be receiving the course completion certificate form our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Promotion of apps through mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing platforms?

Targeting potential customers through right marketing tips?

Using Mobile Marketing For Business

Effective mobile marketing strategy

E-Commerce is nothing but purchasing things on the internet through an online store. The E-commerce course at our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi helps every individual to develop an extreme level of understanding of E-Commerce by identifying the growth in global market and infrastructure across multiple industry sectors including travel, technology, finance, health care and more. This course is designed to help you succeed by teaching you E-Commerce techniques and strategies which in turn increase your online business.

Getting the E-Commerce Marketing Course from the Digital Marketing Training in Delhi enables you

To develop the knowledge and skills to understand and research

Additional skills like learning business management and marketing strategies to excel your E-Commerce site.

You will understand the core concepts and contexts that are required before implementing an E-Commerce system.

You will learn about current domain trends in E-Commerce and managing databases in a digital world.

Getting a complete knowledge of Multi-channel marketing, selling online, saving money and time for your customers.

The course at our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi will cover all the important metrics like marketing analytics, Marketing Strategy and more.

Our offering of quick learning options is what set us in a path. We open the course to any graduate, undergraduate, job seekers, entrepreneurs and students who want to take part in this.

In today’s world, Online purchasing has become more popular. As a result, E-Commerce has become essential for business success. Learning this course can help your business reach new markets and increase your sales. Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi guides you through upcoming practices of E-Commerce in a clear and simple process. Finally, the certificate is issued for those who choose E-Commerce Marketing to enhance their career development.

So, You want to start a blog? Blogging has to be a personal magazine online for some since years ago and now it has evolved to be one of the most preferred methods of communication for people across the globe.

Blogging course in our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhiincludes

Introduction to Blogging – You will undergo the course and current blogging world.

Content planning and creation – Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi will help you in delivering high quality of the blog and developing a content strategy.

Importance of Search engine Marketing lies in your visibility for a new audience.

Importance of starting a Blog – Bloggers are the real superstars in today’s world and Blogging has become essential.

Content Marketing – Content has become more valuable to advertisers, brands and advertisers. We help you to place engaging content.

Monetizing your blog – Keeping update on your blog and monetizing blog can help you in getting great revenue from your blog.

Managing a community of online followers – Our Digital Marketing training in Delhi will help you learn how to engage with the people reacted with your published content. This plays a crucial role in brand development.

So what are the steps to create a blog? Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, helps you to start a blog from choosing your preferred blog platform, choose a web hosting, setting up a blog on your own domain, designing your new blog and useful resources for blogging.

Brand Reputation refers to how the particular company brand is viewed by the customers. Brand reputation means trust for your company, confidence in purchasing your goods or services. Our Digital marketing Training in Delhi help you learn how to develop, manage and protect the company’s brand reputation.

The Brand Reputation course from the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi includes:

How to build a robust online reputation

Managing social media issues

Reviewing feedback from customers

Knowing about the tools to use for monitoring reputation management.

How to manage and respond accordingly to multiple platforms

Analysing and managing a Brand’s reputation

You will learn the importance of blogs and all social media platforms.

The Brand reputation is important because it increases trust, Customer loyalty, Competitive edge, higher sales, Business expansion and Employee retention. Our digital Marketing course in Delhi is open for students, professionals, graduates, entrepreneurs and every individual who want to take up this course.

Marketing Strategy is a game changer for business in reaching people and converting them into customers. Our Digital Marketing course in Delhi helps you to build a marketing strategy by knowing your target customers, researching your competitors, choosing your channels, and create smart marketing goals.

The key features of the course are

Identifying the essentials of Marketing strategy.

Applying the marketing strategy like targeting and positioning to a product or service.

Marketing research and analysis for decision making

Learning about various components of strategic thinking and implementing a strategic plan.

Using basic marketing tools that are relevant to your marketing.

Creating and engaging the value of your brand

Improving and developing strategies to increase sales.

Identifying the new marketing channels

Learning how with communicate to potential customers.

Our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi offers this course to all the graduates, product managers, marketing managers, Entrepreneurs and professionals. The course begins with the basic principles of positioning a business service. Developing an effective positioning strategy and using positioning maps to analyse competitive strategy are the important metrics to place your business stay beyond the competition in the market.

The Digital Marketing course in Delhi will help you explore how to use digital analytics to optimise the effectiveness of marketing strategies. You will learn about the latest techniques and developments relating to strategic marketing. ssss

Google AdSense allows publishers who are the part of the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video and media advertisements in order to gain a targeted audience. Affiliate marketing is earning a commission for every sale of a product that is generated through your affiliate referral links. Google AdSense is a display advertising platform that makes you show your ads on your site. Our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi offers AdSense and Affiliate Marketing course with a simple and easy process.

Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing have emerged as high-quality services on Google.

Through our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, in this program, you will know how to make money with blogging.

With high-quality content and high traffic to your blog, you can add your blog website to AdSense.

Don’t go for any shortcuts and don’t buy existing AdSense accounts from others.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but placing an add banner of a company into your blog website.

If someone who visits the website, clicks on the add banner then you will get a commission on the product.

Choose particular products that personally use. As a result, you can generate great reviews.

Master the art of copywriting which can increase your sales.

AdSense and Affiliate marketing course offered by our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi is suitable for all the students, job seekers, bloggers, and every individual who want to start up their career. You will earn a certificate and ability to maintain the blogs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Minimum eligibility for Affiliate Marketing

How can we start earning Affiliate Marketing?

How to apply for Commission Junction and V commission?

Find Effective Keywords for More Sales and Leads

What is CPA?

What is CPL?

Easy steps to earn from Affiliate Marketing

10+ Tips for more traffic and earnings

Are you tired of working with a full-time job? Then a freelance career might be a good path for you. Freelancing plays a vital role in today’s world. The freelance course at our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi offers you all the techniques used in this course and you will learn:

Starting a freelancing business including introduction, Importance and essentials of Freelancing, and Initial Considerations.

How to find work and understand client goals.

Pricing and proposing

Building an impressive portfolio.

Managing projects and workflow by communicating effectively with your clients.

Building and expanding your own brand.

Learning about freelance pricing strategies

Becoming more productive and building confidence in your work

Learning effective communication with clients and convincing the client.

Making long-term business relationships with clients.

Our freelancing course at the Digital Marketing Training in Delhi is open for freelancers who want to start their career, designers, Graphic designers, web designers, web developers, Mobile app developers, coders, WordPress developers and every individual. This course is designed for people who want to work in the comfort of your home.

Our primary objective at our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi is to help interested freelancer who wants to make a career by freelancing. We offer the hands-on projects for this course and certificate. As the demand for freelancers has been increasing day by day, we offer freelance course that assists candidates in finding an opportunity to start their own brand.

Once you finish the course you will get the help to prepare for interviews from our Digital Marketing institute in Delhi.

The digital marketing field offers you many roles to explore as

Digital Marketing executive

Content Strategist

SEO Specialist and analyst

Social media manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Analytics Manager

Account Manager

Pay-per-click search Manager


Web developer

Web project Manager

Graphic designer

Content Marketer

Our digital marketing course in Delhi will help you build a Digital Marketing portfolio by

Offering you the hands-on real-time projects for every course

Classroom discussion

Working assignments

Mock tests

Building your resume

About COIM (College of Internet Marketing)

We are providing 30+ Modules in our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi: We have divided Internet marketing training content into 30 parts.

In this modern era, everything is digitalized because of the internet and technology. These two factors play a majority role in digitalization. When marketing and digitalization come together, it becomes digital marketing. Digital marketing is also a type of marketing via digital technologies such as internet and other digital medium. In fact, this marketing is quite increasing every day enormously. In our lifestyle, the internet has rapidly become one of integral parts and we cannot able to think a life without it even a single day. Since digital marketing does not have any boundaries, it does not require any technical qualification and knowledge to become the digital marketer. Currently, the demand for digital marketer is highly increasing and it is more rewarding career than any other in the IT industry.

In reality, it is quite impossible to achieve this dream without proper institute & trainers. Most importantly, you have to choose the right Digital Marketing Course and institute because digital marketing is a growing trend in the ground. As a result, plenty of institutes are claiming to offer the digital marketing course. Therefore, you have to research well and choose the best Learn Digital Marketing Online.

Here are some of the key points, which can assist you to differentiate and prefer us from rest of the Digital Marketing Course in Delhi and even make it stand on the top place for offering the best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

Qualified and experienced trainers & faculty: When it comes to choosing the best Digital Marketing Classes in Delhi, you have to consider whether the institute has experienced trainers. Our training institute has Google certified and qualified trainers along with hands-on experience in the digital marketing for many years.

Highest rank in search engines: Our digital marketing institute has an extremely better position and ranks top in the search engines such as Google. Our institute will always appear on the SERP first page whenever you search for the best Learn Digital Marketing Online.

Convenient location: While looking to join the digital marketing class, students/professionals used to consider its location factor primarily as it is convenient for them. To make the location factor convenient and approachable, we provide Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Wherever you stay in Delhi, you will reach us easily without much effort.

Real-time practical session: Our institute offers the world class Digital Marketing Classes in Delhi along with full-fledged classroom (real time) training to provide practical knowledge. This means that without practicing what you learn via Digital Marketing Course, it is actually of nothing to anyone. To give a better practical session, we ensure high-speed internet connectivity in our institute and the perfect environment for focusing on your academics as well. This will help you obtain the essential skills as well as practical knowledge.

Offer certifications and live projects: Our institute has launched next level of the advanced Digital Marketing Course along with fifty-five modules. Besides, we also offer highest certificated after the course completion. It includes certificates in corporate technologist & advanced digital marketing, Google mobile site certification, Bing certification, etc. Alongside, our faculties provide live projects and assessments for the learners as the part of the Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

Other facilities available at our institute: Through Digital Marketing Classes in Delhi, we also help students develop their personality and boost their confidence. Our trainers will give weekly activity such as presentation test for each student on certain topics. Throughout the Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, our trainers will take maximum assessments test after completion of each module in the course.

We offer eBooks and other study materials for each module wide. Students can access free internet even after the training and class. Additionally, we offer full assistance for job placements after course completion. With these facilities, our institute is proving the best Digital Marketing Classes in Delhi.

Job Profiles after completing Digital Marketing Training in Delhi

Following is the list of the best digital marketing jobs available for those who complete their digital marketing training.

A digital marketing executive is typically responsible for engaging a brand with customers or clients via the digital space, aiming to establish and manage the online presence.

Seo executive is a basic profile in which you can work after Digital marketing course in Laxmi Nagar from any institute. In this profile, you need to work on onpage seo and offpage seo. Onpage seo and Offpage seo are two parts of seo. Onpage seo is a process to work on inside the website. Offpage seo is a process to build links for website from other website. Both part is very neccessary to learn from any internet marketing institute. You have to work on domain optimization, meta tags optimization, content optimization, image optimization, latent semantic indexing, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, blog commenting, article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, profile link building, press release submission, etc.

Seo executive is a basic profile in which you can work after Digital marketing course in Laxmi Nagar from any institute. In this profile, you need to work on onpage seo and offpage seo. Onpage seo and Offpage seo are two parts of seo. Onpage seo is a process to work on inside the website. Offpage seo is a process to build links for website from other website. Both part is very neccessary to learn from any internet marketing institute. You have to work on domain optimization, meta tags optimization, content optimization, image optimization, latent semantic indexing, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, blog commenting, article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, profile link building, press release submission, etc.

Social media manager helps company to get better business through run ads on social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, linkedin. We as a best Digital Marketing Training in Laxmi Nagar provider in Laxmi Nagar ncr knows how to train a well social media marketer in the market.

ORM is the best work profile after doing Digital Marketing Course in Laxmi Nagar from COIM. The basic salary of ORM manager is very high around 50k. You can search in google for best internet marketing institute in Laxmi Nagar to get best ORM training. And you will find only COIM for this.

PPC Executive is a profile in which you need to work on Google adwords campaign. You need to run ad on different different ad network. There are six types of ad network in Google adwords. You have to run ad on potential keywords on Google search. You need to run ad on display network or other partner websites. You need to run ad on youtube videos.

Learn Digital Marketing in Delhi With Industry Experts

Courses offered by COIM

  • image

    Learn Website Development


    Wordpress Website Development

  • image

    Learn SEO


    Search Engine Optimization

  • image

    Learn SMO


    Social Media Marketing

  • image

    Learn PPC


    Pay Per Click (Adwords)

  • image

    Learn Affiliate and Adsense


    Affiliate and Adsense

  • image

    Learn Email Marketing


    Bulk Email Marketing

  • image

    Learn Advance Digital Marketing


    Advance Digital Marketing

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Here you can review some statistics about our Training Program









A Digital Marketing Training Program In Laxmi Nagar, Delhi of Online Practical Training, 24 hours self-learning Training, 2 months live projects and assignments. Download our brochure to know mor about Digital Marketing Course in Delhi:

  • Digital Marketing Modules with 9 certifications
  • Online Digital Marketing training with live projects
  • Google Certified and expert trainers from industry
  • 100% palcement assistance in India
  • Earn Freelancing while you learn online Digital Marketing

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Course Fees and Duration Details for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Courses Duration Day Course Fees
Advance Digital Marketing Training 60 Hours All Days Rs 30,000*
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 10 Hours All Days Rs 9,000*
Google Adwords (PPC) 10 Hours All Days Rs 8,000*
  • Money Back Guarantee :* If Student is not able to grab the course.
  • Special Offer : 10% off on online registration.
  • Refferal Discount : 10% off on fee.
  • *EMI Option available

Our Testimonials

Lets check here feedbacks of our trainees what they think about COIM (Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi).

One of the best digital marketing institute in Delhi And i recommend everyone to go and take demo classes.

I don't know much about other institutes and faculties but after my little good research and visiting in many New Delhi's digital marketing institutes, I found COIM by my *luck!

My friend recommended this institute to me. The faculty is very nice. They are very knowledgeable, they are well versed with all the terms related to the course. It is value for money..

I own a Travel Agency and since we started using Shout n Hike to create our ad campaigns, within the first three months, we started getting more and more leads and also increased revenue with help of COIM.

COIM is the one of the best digital marketing Institute in Delhi I have ever been to. Counselling sessions is very good, they are trying to understand your purpose and then they analyze our need and expectations.

Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi

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We are offering 100% Placement after Digital Marketing Course in Delhi: so lets check with us why COIM.

There are lot of reasons why you should join Digital Marketing Course from COIM institute:

The fees of COIM for The Digital Marketing Course in Delhi are lower than another institute.

COIM institute have 5 star ranking and offering complete Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

The institute has a great faculty which will help you in learning the skills of Digital Marketing in appropriate manner.

The teachers and management of this institute are very helpful and the knowledge imparted here is very practical. Especially the trainers give special attention to each and every student.

COIM (The Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi) helps to become a digital marketing expert after the completion of course.

COIM enables to earn a good amount of money after Digital Marketing Training in Delhi.

The starting salary after completing the Digital Marketing Course from COIM is 10,000 to 15,000p.m. As an intern or as a fresher.

But as we all know that Digital Marketing Industry becomes a booming industry and a good paying industry so as your experience increases your salary or income will also increase accordingly.

Yes, after completion of the course from COIM (The Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi) not only make you an expert in digital marketing but also a Google and a Face book Certified Professional.

Anyone who wants to make their career in Digital Marketing can join this course at Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.

Minimum qualification required for this course is Basic Knowledge of Computers and good in English communication. No coding skills are required for this Digital Marketing Course.

Housewifes can also do this course.


Digital Marketer

E-Commerce Business

Affiliate Marketing


Mobile Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Social Media Marketing



Digital Marketing Trainer

Marekting Manager

Duration of Digital Marketing Course is three months. But if someone wants to complete his/her course in one month COIM is the only institute from where you can complete this course in One month.

Digital Marketing Course is totally a practical course. The trainers of COIM give us complete practical knowledge of Digital Marketing so that we become a perfect Digital Marketer.

The motive of COIM (the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi) trainers is to provide Digital Marketing awareness amongst the student as our country is becoming Digitalize. So, this is a small contribution of institute towards our country. So, the lack of money will not become the reason for lack of awareness and lack of education among the people.

COIM trainers are highly experienced and have good knowledge about Digital Marketing.

COIM trainers have industry exposure so they can guide their students very efficiently.

COIM institute not only provide you with 100% job placement but also gives you training for the interview, so that you easily get selected for the job.



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