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Digital Marketing Institute In Rohini

Digital Marketing Institute In Rohini

Introduction to Digital Marketing

We had many years of experience in the offering digital marketing ideas and service which assure to meet the special result.

Website Planning
& Creation

By learning the word press CMS to create an effective website with the essential features and support as per the client wish.

Web Content

Learn how to deliver the plagiarism free content become simple to understand and derive high traffic to the website short time.

Search Engine

We show off all your internet presence and improve the ranking with the support of the major search engine such as Google, bing etc.

Social Media

We follow the fresh and effective media marketing ideas to improve the sale by making the better relationship with your customer.

YouTube Video

Video marketing becomes an important way to market the product and also defiantly meet high traffic in very short time.

Google Webmaster

Webmaster tools provide major details regarding your webpage and we support to fix and get out from the constant day with no problem.

Google analytics

Google analytics is the best tool for your website. It will mainly analyze your website’s visitor location, behaviour and much more.

Adwords & PPC

This process will mainly improve your website rank and enhance the search result on top via using effective pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Lead generation

With the usage of effective landing pages, one can learn the tricks to create prospective leads in an extraordinary manner.

Retargeting Management

In order to retarget the potential clients and customers once again, maintain the approach and techniques via retargeting marketing.

Email Marketing

It is one of the unique processes of enhancing the business growth via sending efficient promotional emails to the targeted customers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most suitable marketing methods in this world One can able to easily sell the product via this method.

E-commerce Marketing

Selling or marketing your products through popular online shopping sites are known as e-commerce marketing promote your product.


Our digital marketing courses enable one to get a clear idea about blogging and adsense how to develop business globally.

Brand Reputation

When you wish to expand your brands, your brands automatically grow at a higher level then our digital marketing course allows you.

Marketing Strategies

The strategies delivers a right marketing object that deserves an amazing platform for growing your business without any hassles.

Adsense and Affiliate

If you suppose to explore your brands, Adsense and affiliate marketing is helpful and hence you will have better growth in marketing.


The Freelancing projects are vital for the content writers, SEO professionals, PPC Exeprts, and Social Marketing Specilist.

Interview preparation

The professionals allow everyone to train well and prepare interview questions in basic industries. It helps HR and professionals for interview.

Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini

Syllabus of Complete Digital Marketing Course in Rohini

This course presents the ideas and terms of digital marketing. It gives an essential learning of how digital marketing functions for organizations and experts. Most understudies and even experts have a hands-on mentality to digital marketing. The ideas in this course can help sort out your insight, contemplation and thoughts into an implementable business and marketing thought.

Here at COIMDigital marketing institute in Rohini, we teach you the art of website designing using WordPress CMS in this course. In today’s era it is hard to believe the existence of a business without a website. All the firms now a days focus on having their own website as it widens their domain of marketing and advertising and thus increasing the number of clients. Thus, with the Best Digital marketing course and Digital marketing training in Rohini, we understand the significance of the web designer we prepare our students in such a manner so that they can withstand the tough competition and mould themselves with the changing demands of the market.

Search engine optimization is the most important feature that every website aspires for. Every website wants maximum people to visit their website thus to increase traffic to your website and for this we need high ranking on search engine. We teach our students the techniques of search engine optimization of both on page SEOand off page SEO following the latest trends. We at COIM, the Best Digital marketing training institute in Rohini teach them the best way of using the SEOtools so that designing and modification of webpages becomes easy.

ON-PAGE SEO [Training module]

Introduction to On-Page Optimization

Its importance

Its Objectives

META Description and Title Tags

Header Tags

URLs and its Structure

Internal Links

Keyword Search


Do not’s of On-Page SEO

Perfect Optimization of Page


OFF-PAGE SEO [Training Module]

Its importance

Its Objectives

Ethics of Link Building

Relevancy of Content with Links

Off – Page Engagements

Off – Site Relationships

Categories of Links

“Do follow” and “No Follow” links and Social Media

Do not’s in Link Building


Teaching the Best techniques of digital marketing by Google digital marketing course. Our Digital marketing training program focuses on the search engine marketing tools and techniques. With Best Digital marketing course at COIM, learn to use PPC and ORM (online Reputation Management) to increase the visibility of website, increase audiences on your website and get the best return on investment with the Best Digital marketing institute in Rohini.

PPC (PAY PER CLICK) [Training Module]

An introduction to PPC and Pay Per Click Advertising

Keyword search: its role in PPC

Adwords Paid search and Basic campaign targeting

Advanced PPC marketing: Keywords and ads

Bidding and budgeting in Paid Searches

Retargeting basics and its Types

Selecting metrics and Setting objectives



Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Introduction: Opportunities and Trends

Listening Online for Brand Conversations

Tools for Effective Listening

Business Metrics: Measuring and Analyzing Sentiment for a Brand

Handling Negative Conversations on Social Media

Strategic approach to ORM

Content plays a vital role when it comes to Digital Marketing. Learn the content marketing approach with the Best Digital marketing course and Digital marketing training programme at COIM. We help you build your content marketing skills and the best strategic approach to content creation.


Introduction: Content Marketing

Its importance

Its Objectives

Content Marketing—Strategies

Effective and Ineffective Content

Use of Keywords

Content for Social Media

Content for ad Campaigns

Content for e-Newsletters

Content for Online Videos

Content for Webinars

Content for Blogs

Content for Research Reports

Content for Articles on page

Content for eBooks

Content for Mobile Content

Content for Press Releases


The Digital marketing course and Digital marketing training in Rohini provided by COIM about Social Media Marketing Strategy helps you to comprehend the various tools and techniques used for designing, managing and optimizing the growth and promotion of brands on different media platforms.


Understanding Twitter

Importance of Twitter in Digital Marketing

Client Engagement via Twitter

Twitter Marketing

Understanding Advertisement on Twitter

Twitter Ad Options

Demo class for Twitter Marketing



Understanding Facebook

Facebook: Its Importance in Digital Marketing

Facebook Presence: News Feed System

Visual and Video Content on Facebook

Marketing via Facebook

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Advertising

Demo for Facebook Marketing



Understanding LinkedIn

Learning LinkedIn Advertising

Learning LinkedIn Marketing,

Figuring out B2B strategies to generate leads

Increasing sales via LinkedIn

Demo for LinkedIn Marketing



Understanding Instagram

Posting good quality content

Choosing relevant hashtags

Posting right captions

Scheduling posts on Instagram

Account Automation

Affiliate marketing on Instagram

Demo for Instagram Marketing



Understanding Quora

Posting good quality content

Choosing relevant hashtags

Tagging right captions

Scheduling posts on Quora

Account Automation

Demo for Quora Marketing


At COIM, we provide you with a great opportunity that is to work on live Digital Marketing Project. This is to assure you that you not gained theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge as well with the best digital marketing course and digital marketing training programme offered by COIM, the best digital marketing institute in Rohini.

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We are providing more then 24 Modules in our Digital Marketing Training in Rohini: We have divided Internet marketing training content into 28 parts.

COIM is a leading Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini for Online Promotion and Institute Marketing, established in 2015. The group has more than a decade of successful history in Education sector and is well-known as the trend setter in Web and Marketing career. COIM the Digital Marketing Institute Rohini Delhi is a landmark in Digital Marketing course Training sector.

Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini

Digital marketing institute in Rohini There are many Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing Institute in Rohini but COIM is one of the best institution for students who are looking for Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini as well as in Delhi/NCR as it offers the quality training in various verticals like advance level of certificate training in Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Online Reputation, Online Sales, Black Hat SEO, Technical Support and E-Commerce along with other professional modules to fulfill industry requirement. COIM Rohini is a new age institute with a vision to provide the international level of education in organic and paid promotion. It offers various Certification programs, short-term programmes with personalized Advance Digital Marketing Course Training in Rohini to students majorly from Rohini, Avantika, Budh Vihar, Mangolpuri and Vijay Vihar. Along with classroom training, the institute also offers online training to students from every nook and corner across the globe. Along with the state of art facilities like best infrastructure, highly equipped lab and more Institute also has a panel of highly experienced and well-qualified trainers specialized in their fields. They share all updates and upcoming needs of industries that help the students to implement needful in their live projects. The pedagogy includes extracurricular activities like games, workshops, seminars, presentations and various assignments which gives students ample exposure. At COIM, before imparting any practical training on live projects our professionally qualified and relevantly certified faculty believes in teaching the dynamics of leading search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing etc to candidates. To ensure quality, COIM expert panel precise focus on research and analysis of market trends along with development and creative growth of students. This prepares our candidates for any type of industry through careful and strict project-based learning to make them job ready by the end of the training. Throughout the past years of our successful academic history, Institute’s commitment to quality has been exceptional. Its objective is to deliver an unparalleled value for quality standards, as it believes this to be the only way to ensure satisfaction.

The most Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Rohini

One on One Classroom Sessions.

Real pfe Case Studies & Practical Assignments.

Preparation for the Google AdWords exam from the AdWords Certified Trainers.

Excellent Placement Assistance.

Personapty Development Classes

Interview Preparation Sessions

Group Discussion and Assignments

Theory + Practical Training + Case studies + Assignments + Strategies + Live Projects + E-Books + Interaction With Industries ExpertsIn-depth course training offered by COIM the Digital marketing institute Rohini is an add-on to student’s knowledge that will guide them with the method via which they can learn for free forever. With training standards by the institute, students will discover the road-map to a lucrative career in the field of Digital Marketing. The institute really helping the housewives and undergraduate students who want to be freelancers and earn from home.

COIM delivers the finest Digital Marketing Course in Rohini. Before jumping into Digital Marketing it's important to know what Digital Marketing is? Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands through one or more electronics devices hence providing the best consumer Services. Digital Marketing as its name signifies is Marketing over the Internet through various digital devices (Computers) such as Personal Computers, Tablets, Cell phones, Smartphones, TV etc. You can Check the Advantages of Digital Marketing with these 10 Reasons Given. With our Digital Marketing Training in Rohini, You Would be able to Understand, How Online Marketing applies to platforms or technologies such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Networks, websites, e-mail, apps (Classic & Mobile). We can Digital Marketing through Internet Channels like Social media such as Facebook Marketing, Banner Ads, Emails Ads etc or Through Non-Internet channels like TV, Radio, SMS etc. The upcoming Technology has put the business in the digital age. There are many Digital Marketing Academies in Rohini but no one matches to the quality that COIM delivers. At our Digital Marketing training institute, we also provide placements to the students after the successful completion of their Digital Marketing classes in Rohini.

Digital Marketing is quite different as compared to the traditional form of marketing. The Digital Marketing Methods and Strategy are more Faster, Practical and Versatile rather than the Old Traditional Marketing. Many Companies and Organizations use the Combination of Traditional marketing and Digital Marketing Channels. Digital Marketing is more affordable than Traditional Marketing. Digital Marketing is becoming popular day by day because it allows the track and target aspects like Return on Investment (ROI) more accurately rather than Traditional Marketing Channels. Marketing all over the world is getting depends on Digital technology for reaching market segments and conducting market research through web analytics. We can understand that what content works and doesn’t work, for how long, what is viewed, how often, Sale Conversions etc. So come and be a Part of Our Digital Marketing Training Institute in Rohini.

In a city like Delhi where learning Online Marketing is still less chosen path and you have less Digital marketing training schools to select from, we are bringing you the Best Digital marketing institute in Rohini to learning. Seeing the scope and career opportunities many people are trying to learn how to market digitally. To fulfill the demands of the enthusiast learners we have come up as the Best Digital marketing course and the Best Digital marketing training provider. Our courses and training programme is designed in such a manner that it focuses completely on specializing in digital marketing.

Faculties at COIM, the Best Digital marketing institute in Rohini, are Google certified and are expert in teaching digitalization of marketing. We teach our students with live projects and provide them with interactive Digital marketing classroom training. Our study material and study plan are designed in such a way that it covers the entire syllabus in the most efficient manner and in short span of time. At COIMDigital marketing course fees is affordable and suits best to the student’s pocket. Seeing the busy schedule, we offer flexible batch timings so that maximum students can make for the classes.

We believe in imparting the right knowledge, keeping the career goals in our mind. We train our students in such a manner so that they can compete and survive today’s competition of marketing on digital platform, which has become the mainstream. We offer a complete package of internet marketing course and Google Digital marketing course. We do provide Digital marketing certifications once the course is complete.

Our mission is to teach the students Best Digital Marketing Techniques using various Digital marketing tools. We also make them familiar with the strategies used by top MNCs and business organizations for marketing digitally and marketing on social media by offering you the Best Digital marketing course and Digital marketing training in Rohini. The course will also focus on digital analytics oriented digital marketing tools that is how to make organizations more intelligent in order to conduct business in this modern digital era. Our teaching comprises of live projects which will give our students the perfect exposure and experience required for enhancing the Digital marketing skills. We keep our teaching methodologies and Digital marketing course aligned to follow the new and the best trends of Digital marketing training programs and Digital marketing courses in Rohini to get the best outcomes.

After the completion of this course the candidates can work in any top MNCs or for any top brands in the sector of online marketing or can have their own company of Digital marketing. Our goal is to provide Best Digital marketing course and Best Digital marketing training so that companies can get best out of them. We prepare our candidates for long term Digital marketing goals.

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